All products which are ordered from can be exchanged within 14 days only if:

1: The item(s) is defective, faulty or damaged at the time of delivery.

2: The item(s) does not match the original specifications of the product.

You must notify us within 3 days by emailing us to [email protected] Replacement of a product will be sent in case of defected, faulty or damaged product is shipped nationally or internationally. You are required to email us a photographic proof of the defective item within 14 days of purchase and for any claims.

There are scenarios in which it will be difficult for us to return or exchange a product, which are;

  • Exchange request is made after the specific time period.
  • The product is damaged because of its use.
  • The product has damaged by a customer.
  • Anything is missing from the parcel package, the price tags, labels, original packaging and accessories.

Scorni does not give you any “Money Pay Back” or “Money Refund Guarantee” on Purchased items.

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