• Scorni

    Modern Night Light Decoration

    • Charmingly Beautiful Lamp Shade For Home Decoration.
    • Gives Your Bedroom, Living Room an Elegant Look.
    • So Beautiful To Place Anywhere In Your Home.
    • A Must Buy Beauty.
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker Mirror Alarm Clock

    • Fashion and special, very beautiful.
    • Mini, portable design, can bring it out easily.
    • The great sound let you enjoy the music world at any time.
    • Compatible with most smart Bluetooth devices,including all Android and IOS smartphones.
    • With built in microphone,it is very convenient for you to accept or decline phone calls handfreely when you’re busy with something else
  • 60W Led Ceiling Lamp With Bluetooth Speaker

    • You can click “rhythm” mode on the Music in APP. The Music Sync feature allows you to automatically change the lighting to match your music.
    • With the starry sky lampshade, babies and toddlers dream by soft light to sleep, thus overcoming their fear of the dark.
    • It can be used as alarm clock to start up and shut down by setting the timer switch; It can play music while the light is off , a good way to wake your kids up.
    • You also can control it by smartphone app.( Memory function ) You can set light color and brightness as you like.
    • Easy to set up in your room.The installation time is about 1 minute. Easy to connect to your smartphone. Just open your bluetooth of your smartphone and pair it with the bulb Bluetooth device.
  • Invisible Electronic Hidden Lock

    • This is suitable for wooden door only, special for drawer, locker, cabinet, slidding door.
    • No need to drill holes, No damage to your cabinet.
    • Auto-rebounce and auto-lock function, easy to operate.
    • It is compatible with IC 13.56KHZ CHIP CARDS.
    • Stainless steel latch and ABS plastic lock body, durable and anticorrosion.
    • Motor life span is about 100,000 times, The Static Power Consumption less than 5μA.
    • One master card can be set to open several locks. so you only have to keep one key to control all locks.
  • Feather Crystal Table Lamp

    • Its beautiful oval shape table lamp is carefully positioned on a core by hand.
    • It radiates a cosy and pleasant glow.
    • The light bulb is shielded, it is perfect to put on a table, in a bedroom or indeed any place where you don’t want to be blinded by a light source.
    • Routine cleaning is easily done with a hairdryer and comes in beautiful gift box.

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