A Creative Family’s Inner-City Converted Warehouse


We’re always impressed at the challenge of transforming a warehouse into a warm, inviting living space. It’s no mean feat! Bonus points when it’s filled with furniture and wares by local makers. 

Cindy-Lee Davies of Lightly and her husband Willie have both always lived in converted warehouses, so when they came across this property (reportedly a former motorbike clubhouse!) for sale in 2011, it felt only natural to continue the tradition. They have lived here ever since, welcoming their now two-year-old son Teal in 2018.  

This property was previously subject to some poor ‘90s renovations, requiring significant reworking throughout. ‘The original renovation cut a few corners, so we had to redo quite a bit of foundation work, like rewiring all the electrics,’ says Cindy-Lee. Fortunately, she and Willie were up to task, and they’ve been slowly transforming the space over the past decade. ‘Creating spaces is my passion, so I do love a challenge!’ says Cindy-Lee.  

Updated areas of the home include the mezzanine, which has been extended to include a third bedroom, a large walk-in wardrobe, a home office and storage space. The mezzanine also needed to be re-roofed in this process, and the rooftop garden deck relayed.

Cosmetically, most of the jarrah floors have been bleached, and new Halcyon Lake carpet has been laid. ‘Slowly we are making our way through the bathrooms, and next on the list is the kitchen!’ says Cindy-Lee. 

Lightly is all about creating spaces that enhance wellbeing, and this same ethos extends to Cindy-Lee’s home. Renovations have introduced both energetic and calm spaces, facilitated by the use of timeless Dulux colours. ‘We strongly believe in the power of colour to transport, transform, breathe new life and create memories. Colour soothes the soul,’ says Cindy-Lee. 

The vast majority of furniture and homewares here are sourced from Lightly, alongside many local artist’s work. ‘I have collected from many artists’ first shows,’ says Cindy-Lee. ‘I love supporting the local community any way I can. It is imperative, especially now.’  

In a world of constant technology and increased stress, Cindy-Lee says it is vital to find time to slow down and create environments that enrich and nurture. She’s found it here in her family home – a harmonious and balanced space to unwind and recharge.


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